Eont's journal


It's already autumn season. We would like to introduce the concept of this project.

I really liked the knitwear, so I tried it.

Prepare for a pleasant F/W season with fluffy and warm knitwear, sweaters, and shawls.

I matched knitwear and various items in various ways.

And are you curious about the meaning of the title of this collection, PUSH DOWN?

First of all, it is a flight term that suddenly moves from a flight path to a lower course.

It also means a system that allows newly remembered information

to be searched first, or a system that pushes it down and presses it hard.

Overall, the pronunciation is cute, so I chose this word.

But it also means that we're moving on to a new season.

It's a project where I changed the direction of knitwear as it's a new direction.

I hope you like these projects, too.

I expressed the shape of the knit loosening with subtitles like an ending credit.

I hope you enjoy the new attempts for our concept.

Don't worry if you get caught in a nail while wearing a knitwear and your clothes are loosened.

It will have its own charm.

Then bye.